How do you get your favourite cyclamen to bloom again?

Easy to maintain and with excellent outdoor performance, cyclamen are some of the most beautiful flowers that turn colour in autumn.
The Persian cyclamen is considered a long-flowering, annual plant. Depending on the climatic zone, it is very common for the Persian cyclamen to slowly re-flower after a period of dormancy, thereby slowing down its cycle and considerably delaying its flowering.
After flowering (May/June):
If you want your cyclamen to bloom again, you will need to :

  • reduce and then completely stop watering;
  • cut off dry leaves with scissors before putting the bulb in the ground to rest; and
  • either put the plant in the ground in a shaded place or keep the pot in a cool, light room.

Start watering gradually from September onwards. The leaves will grow over a four-month period, followed by a flowering period over a natural cycle from February to June (you can start applying fertiliser again once the growing phase is well underway).
Some plants live for more than 20 years!
Abundant flowering lasts more than 5 months!