Make a nice felt pot cover for your INDIAKA®

An INDIAKA® cyclamen covered with a nice, home-made, felt planter cover is a charming, colourful and cheerful gift idea. It’s also quick and easy to make!

You will need:

– INDIAKA® cyclamen
– felt to match the colour of the flower; – – coloured jute string;
– hot glue gun;
– scissors; and
– decorative button.

How to make it:
Step 1: Cut out a square of felt. This should be large enough to fully cover the flowerpot and extend a few centimetres beyond the rim of the pot.

Step 2: Place the flower pot in the middle of the felt piece. Fold the opposite corners of the fabric upwards so that the top edge of the pot is covered.

Step 3: Tie the felt pot cover to the pot using the jute string. Wrap the string around the pot several times, then make a firm knot.

Step 4: Stick the decorative button to the middle of the knot loop with hot glue.
And that’s it!

Tip: If you wish, you can also add a small personal message to this wonderful gift on a mini garden slate.