Tips and care

Tips and Care

OUTDOORS: Care tips

Implement the right maintenance techniques to extend your INDIAKA®’s lifespan


Put your INDIAKA® cyclamen in a bright spot, away from direct sunlight and sheltered from the weather.


Gently water your plant (the soil should be slightly moist). Avoid using stagnant water. If you are using a saucer, empty the excess water after 30 minutes.


If possible, fertilise your plant once a month using a flowering plant fertiliser.


Remove damaged flowers and leaves by pulling the stem at the base. This form of maintenance is essential to preserve the beauty of the plant, stimulating the growth of new flowers.


Outdoors, INDIAKA® cyclamen can withstand initial frosts down to as low as -2°C. Choose a sheltered, semi-shaded spot. Indoors, INDIAKA® prefer moderate temperatures between 16° and 20°C.

INDOORS: optimise flowering with these few tips!

INDIAKA® cyclamen: an easy-care plant!

  1. Place your cyclamen in a bright, cool room.
  2. Water without soaking. Contrary to popular belief, cyclamen need a moderate amount of water. Fresh air also does them a world of good. To extend the lifespan of your cyclamen as much as possible, you can put it outside to cool overnight and bring it in each morning.
  3. Remove the dead flowers and leaves by slightly twisting the stem.
  4. You can apply a small amount of fertiliser to flowering plants from time to time to help the buds open out.
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Tip: Don’t hesitate to put your INDIAKA® in a cool place!

Cold weather enhances colour contrasts

Whether you keep your INDIAKA® indoors only at night, or outside on your balcony or terrace, the colour contrast will intensify in cooler temperatures: the white part will expand and the coloured part will become brighter.

This will make the plant look trendy and brighten up dark corners of your house or garden.